Commercial Property Insurance:

•This includes your building or stucture listed on the Declarations Page.
•Competed additions
•Fixtures, including outdoor fixtures
•Permanently installed machinery and equipment
•Personal property owned by you that is used to maintain or service the building or structure or its premises, Fire-extinguishing equipment, outdoor furniture, Floor coverings and Appliances used for refrigerating ventilating, cooking dishwashing or laundering, appliances used for refrigerating ventilating, cooking dishwashing or laundering.

Business Personal Property Insurance (included in the package with Property)

•Covers BPP in or on the building described on the declarations usually within 100-1,000 ft of the premises.
•Furniture and fixtures •Machinery and equipment
•Stock / Merchandise held in storage or for sale, raw materials and in-process or finished goods, including supplies used in their packing or shipping.
•Your use interest as tenant in improvements and betterments to a building or stucture you do not own.
•Leased personal property
•Personal Property of Others that is in your care, custody or control and located on the premises

Inland Marine Insurance:

Inland Marine covers a wide range of products that have a link to Transportation and Communication. Transportation is usually via truck, rail or air. It provides specialized coverage for property or operations not adequately covered or excluded under the property or business personal property sections of a commercial property policy.

Common Inland Marine coverages:
•Builder's Risk & Installation
•Contractors Equipment
•Commercial Articles Floater
•Motor Truck Cargo
•Museum & Collections
•Valuable Papers


Loss of Income Insurance:

Commercial Property covers you building and business personal property, but what is your business going to do about the loss of income, the expense from recurring bills and payroll and to open a new location while your location is being repaired? That is where business and income and extra expense help your business.

Business Income covers:
•Business Income
•Net Income that would have been earned or incurred
•Continuing normal operation expenses incurred, including payroll
•BI pays for the actual loss of Business Income sustained due to the necessary suspension of your operations during the period of restoration

Extra Expense:
•Covers necessary expenses you incur during the period of restoration that you would not have incurred if there had been no direct physical loss or damage to property caused by or resulting from a covered cause of loss.
•Extended Business Income
•Your building has been repaired and you are moving back in. It may take several months to get your sales numbers back to where they were before the covered loss. Extended Business Income bridges the gap between where you are and where you were.

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